Wicked Women – Margaret Beaufort, Fanatic or Pious Mother?

Margaret Beaufort – Fanatic or Pious Mother


For many years Margaret Beaufort was almost forgotten by history, overshadowed by her larger-than-life descendants. In recent years, she has made a comeback in popular media, but this rediscovery of the true founder of the Tudor dynasty saw the resurfacing of some of the worst rumors about her life. Many interpretations choose to focus on her ruthless ambition, and the work of Phillipa Gregory revived a theory that she was to blame for the death of King Edward IV’s sons, now known to history as The Princes in the Tower.
Margaret’s true story is far more interesting and compelling than any fiction. 
Listen to the latest podcast by Wicked Women: The Podcast. It features the BRILLIANT Dr. Nicola Tallis, historian and author of the widely popular biography on Margaret Beaufort, Uncrowned Queen, and Deb Hunter (me!), creator of the All Things Tudor podcast, magazine, social media sites, and USA Today best-selling fiction author. Find this episode on Spotify.

Wicked Women The Podcast is created by history student Grace Beattie.

Step back in time with her to learn about some of the most infamous and maligned women in history.

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Very special thanks to Grace for having me as a guest on her podcast!

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