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All Things Tudor: The Magazine

Anyone interested in Tudor History can now access it digitally via the All Things Tudor magazine, This is an innovative periodic journal that features historical and literary articles from experts and bestselling authors. The magazine will be available via Kindle to make it globally accessible to students, scholars, and all those who love Tudor history.

I'll See You in My Dreams

Dr. Maggie Ross has a magical career as a world-renowned folklorist, but her personal life is a mess. She begins to keep a diary of her dreams and becomes a writer trapped in her own story-propelled into a world where magic and reality mingle as a fairy tale. A world that mirrors her own life, haunted by the man she loves, yet pursued by a beautiful stranger – a man who’s loved her across time. As she struggles with friends and lovers both past and present, she wonders, is hers a Cinderella fairy tale, a nightmare, or fantasy?

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