It’s an All Things Tudor Party!

One year ago today, my All Things Tudor podcast was launched with the hopes and dreams that the All Things Tudor group could create a friendly, safe & fun place for listeners to hear from the historians, creators and authors they love. I wanted to share input & give members a chance to interact with one another in discussions in an uplifting way while sharing the love we all have for Tudor history.

Today we celebrate the first year, and I am proud to say that the dream became a reality. Together we have built something very special, and the podcast has attracted the interest of thousands of listeners from every corner of the world. In the group, and on the podcast, the common language spoken is kindness.

We have gotten to know and interact with wonderful people that we now call friends! So today, on our very first anniversary, I would like to express my gratitude and admiration for everyone who makes the group – and the podcast – uniquely exceptional in so many different ways.

Yay for us, and Happy New Year! 🥳🎉🥂💖


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