Medicine, Magic and Music: Elizabeth I


Elizabeth ICoronation Portrait The last Tudor monarch, Queen Elizabeth I, was the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Her early life went from Princess to being declared illegitimate after her mother was executed. At one point, her sister Mary had her placed in The Tower on charges of treason.

Medicine, Magic and Music


Part 2 - Mary, Queen of Scots Mary, Queen of Scots Mary, Queen of Scots, also known as Mary Stuart or Mary I of Scotland, was Queen of Scotland from December 1542 to July 1567 and Queen Consort of France from July 1559 until December 1560. Mary was the daughter

3 August 1553


On this day, 3 August 1553, the new Queen - Mary I - arrived in London with Princess Elizabeth, her half-sister. ‘Entry of Queen Mary I with Princess Elizabeth into London in 1553’ by John Byam Liston Shaw

Tudor Jewelry

Danegeld Historic Jewellery Please welcome Danegeld Historic Jewllery and the owner, George Easton to All Things Tudor. If this jewelry doesn't tempt you, I don't know... The mission of Danegold is to accurately research and reproduce period metalwork. According to the owner, "I always try to make my pieces as

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