Tudor Holiday Music Podcast

In this episode of All Things Tudor, musician and historian Tamsin Lewis discusses how the Tudors used music during the Christmas Holidays and beyond. If you’re curious about Tudor Christmas and Twelfth Night music and traditions, this podcast is for you. You’ll recognize Tamsin for her work with Lucy Worsley on ‘12 Days of Tudor Christmas’.


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You can find more info on Tudor Holiday traditions and can follow Tamsin at these sites:

Twitter: @Passamezzo

https://passamezzo.bandcamp.com/album/to-shorten-winters-sadness-2 (CD and downloads)




This episode was originally launched on January 4, 2022 as Episode 2 of the All Things Tudor podcast.

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Production by Rokkwood Studios, U.K. This episode was produced by Ben Williams. Music developed by Rokkwood. Cover art by The Happy Colour Studio.

Written by Deb Hunter

(c) 2022 All Things Tudor

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