Best Reads of 2022!


The All Things Tudor group has spoken! Throughout 2022 the members have requested guests for the podcast and reads for the group book club. Following is a compilation of what they want. The list is alphabetical order for easy access. I highly recommend each of these reads. They'll make a

The Queen and The Mistress


In this All Things Tudor podcast, author and historian Gemma Hollman joins Deb in a lively discussion regarding Philipa of Hainault and Alice Perrers - the Queen and the mistress of King Edward III. If you want to know more about what happened in a time long before the Tudors,

All Things Tudor – The Magazine


The December issue of the All Things Tudor magazine is now available on Amazon! Look for articles from Dr Norman Jones (The Tudor War on Christmas), Terence Hawkins review of John Crowley's Elizabethan novel Flint and Mirror, Grace Beattie, best seller Sylvia Barbara Soberton , Hannah Thomas of The Tudor

The Curious Professor


Dr Karen M Bryson has featured me on her podcast - The Curious Professor. I have included a link to the episode below, and you'll find links to Dr Bryson's socials too. THE TUDORS WITH HISTORIAN DEB HUNTER ( Please share the episode with your friends. Enjoy! Find Dr Bryson

All Things Tudor


Thrilled to see the All Things Tudor blog is #1 in the US on the Tudor History list for most read and highest SEO in 2022! #3 worldwide   Thank you for reading it!  All Things Tudor Blog is one of the Top 25 Tudor History Blogs on the web via

Tudor Holiday Music Podcast


In this episode of All Things Tudor, musician and historian Tamsin Lewis discusses how the Tudors used music during the Christmas Holidays and beyond. If you're curious about Tudor Christmas and Twelfth Night music and traditions, this podcast is for you. You’ll recognize Tamsin for her work with Lucy Worsley

Spotify Top 50 History!


This week the All Things Tudor podcast hit the Top 50 History chart on Spotify. Here's the episode that took the podcast over the top - an interview with Catherine of Aragon (Gerianne Perez) and Anne Boleyn (Zan Berube) from the musical SIX.  Check the pod here.   About the

Six Wives and Trashy Divorces


In this episode of All Things Tudor and the ongoing discussion of Tudors history, Alicia Mintz-superstar podcaster of Trashy Divorces-joins Deb for a sparkly discussion of the six wives of Henry VIII. They were all such unique personalities, and they are still relevant as witnessed by the breakout success of

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