The Cult of Gloriana

The Cult of Gloriana

If you love Elizabeth I

this episode of the All Things Tudor podcast is for you!

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In this episode of All Things Tudor, author, historian and Hampton Court Palace expert Siobhan Clarke examines how Elizabeth I wielded power with a sublimely crafted image. The ‘Cult of Gloriana’ was a movement in which authors, musicians, and artists – among them Shakespeare and Spenser – helped exalt the queen to the status of a virgin goddess.

Her image was widely owned and distributed, thanks to the expansion of printing. The English excelled in miniature painting which allowed courtiers to carry a likeness of their sovereign.

Ms Clarke’s book, Gloriana: Elizabeth I and the Art of Queenship written with Linda Collins, tells the story of Elizabethan art as a powerful device for royal magnificence and propaganda.

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