More Tudor Ties: Margaret Tudor to Charles III

With so much interest in the Tudor ties to the current British monarchy, following is the lineage of King Charles III showing that he is a descendant of Margaret Tudor, Mary Queen of Scots and James I & VI.

Margaret Tudor  James IV, King of Scotland

James V, King of Scotland  Marie de Guise

Mary, Queen of Scotland Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley


James VI King of Scotland (James I of England)  Princess Anne of Denmark and Norway

Princess Elizabeth  Frederick V, Elector of Palatine, King of Bohemia

Princess Sophia  Duke Ernest Augustus of Brunswick-Luneborg, Elector of Hanover

George I  Sophia Dorothea of Brunswick and Celle

George II  Caroline of Brandenburg-Anspach

Frederick Louis, Prince of Wales  Augusta of Saxe-Coburg-Altenberg

George III Sophia Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz


Edward, Duke of Kent  Victoria of Saxe-Coburg

Victoria  Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha

Edward VII  Princess Alexandra of Denmark

George V  Princess Mary of Teck

George VI  Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon

Elizabeth II  Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark

Charles III m. Lady Diana Spencer

William, Prince of Wales  Catherine Middleton

Prince George of Wales born 2013

The modern day monarchy is descended from Henry VII and Elizabeth of York – the parents of Margaret Tudor.

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  1. Most people don’t realise the importance of Margaret Tudor. She is the subject of my next book, out in spring 2024.

    1. I’m looking very forward to reading your work on Margaret. Thank you Dr Porter!

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