All Things Tudor – The Magazine: The Boleyn Family

All Things Tudor – The Magazine

The Boleyn Family

Issue 3

Welcome to Issue 3 of the innovative All Things Tudor magazine which does a deep dive into the Boleyn family. Get yourself ready for a real treat. The ever surprising Deb Hunter schools us in Medicine, Magic and Music. Erudite Professor Emeritus, Dr Norman Jones easily explains the ancient, complicated College of Arms which was standardized by Richard III but became a very Tudor thing. Terence Hawkins, a man of words and vision,  reviews The King at the Edge of the World, plus introduces the essay by Dr Jones. What a team player! Eileen Kontrovitz shares a Tudor recipe, and reviews books by Alison Weir AND one by Matthew Lewis. Lucy Thuo gives us the inside scoop on Anne Boleyn’s Coronation Crowns. Samantha James reveals what was up with Jane Parker, Lady Rochford, Grace Beattie takes a look at the tragic cousin, Catherine Parr, and Stephanie Sullivan shares a charming missive on what the Boleyns mean to her.

The piece de resistance is the essay by The British Museum. Then, if you need more – which you do – the transcript of the All Things Tudor podcast series on the Boleyns with Dr Lauren MacKay, Dr Estelle Paranque, and Gareth Russell will blow your mind.

You love to see it.

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