Harry Potter and the Tudors

For a while the existence of an Anne Boleyn portrait has been known to appear in the first Harry Potter movie.
Tudorsmania has shared the following and has given me permission to let you in on the real secret. After doing research on various movie and fan wikis, they found that Anne’s portrait is not the only one to be found.
In the Hogwarts Gallery there is a second portrait of Anne.
Bess of Hardwick represents.
As does Henry VII and Mary I
They are described as Muggles – a Muggle is a person who doesn’t have any magical ability and wasn’t born in a magical family.
Although Anne, who has historically been rumored of being a witch is probably a Squib – a person born of a person of magical powers.
However, Mary I is considered a witch and has her own wand, as evidenced in this picture.

What are your thoughts on this? Please share with us in the comments section.

Special thanks to Tudorsmania for allowing me to share their images.

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