Elizabeth I and The Boleyns

In this episode of All Things Tudor, Oxford Professsor Susan Doran discusses what shaped the destiny of Elizabeth I and, against all odds, the queen became one of the greatest monarchs in English history.

The determination she portrayed could possibly be her greatest inheritance from her mother and her Boleyn family. Listen the Professor Doran’s chat here.

This concludes the series of podcasts with the historians featured in The Boleyns: A Scandalous Family. I have had the best time and hope listeners have enjoyed the experience, too. Please subscribe to the podcast here.

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Produced by Rokkwood Studios, U.K. This episode was produced by Ben Williams, Rokkwood Audio. Music developed by Rokkwood. Cover art by The Happy Colour Studio, U.K. Voiceovers by Paul Hunter.
Written by Deb Hunter.

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Special thanks to PBS, Georgia Public Broadcasting and Nashville Public Television.

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