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The vision of Courtly Tours is to bring like-minded travelers together who have a keen interest in history and related subjects and strongly connect with the past by experiencing destinations more deeply with their senses. It will allow the client to not only see and learn about the interested points of interest in a historical context but to experience them as well to help bring them alive. I specialize in and offer European Tour Packages and unique and interesting Historical Custom Tours as well as special Castle Stays and Independent Trips and Itineraries. I will help you design a unique and valued itinerary that is totally centered around your very own travel needs and desires. All of these types of travel can suit well for personal or business trips including educational and corporate retreats or conferences.

Marc Chiacchio, Ph.D


Mediaeval English Castles 

Exploring their Evolution Throughout History


Explore mediaeval English castles with Dr. James Wright FSA of Triskele Heritage, an award-winning buildings archeologist and castle expert, on this extraordinary tour and one-in-a-lifetime trip! Join the tour for an evolutionary look at the architectural development of castles and their historical significance through time. You will be captivated by a view of imposing forces of architecture that have provided a wealth of knowledge to many including archeologists, historians, and the public. Come see what identifies each individual castle’s structure in a particular century and sets them apart from one another in a true tour melded together with fascinating stories left to be told. A castle tour that’s unique and fascinating at the same time. You will be left with real-life memories of these grand structures and legends that lie within waiting for you.



10 days – 9 nights, June 6-15, 2023, $2,935 per person, land-only twin share, $925 single supplement. For more info please contact Marc Chiacchio, PhD of Courtly Tours +1 856 514 0390,, or use this link with info on the entire tour itinerary:

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