Who Is This?

This portrait of an unknown man hangs outside the Gallery at Hampton Court Palace. Who do you believe he is and why?

Let me know. Thanks!

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  1. I bet it is Arthur, Henry’s older brother who died suddenly before his coronation.

  2. He has all the trappings of a very wealthy royal. Henry’s mother might have had it commissioned as a memorial tribute.

  3. Henry VIII’s son and heir, Arthur, Prince of Wales.

    1. Correction Henry VII SON, Arthur, Prince of Wales.

  4. It has to be either Henry or Arthur!!!
    The face is definitely of a Tudor and the dress is royal. The red color , I believe, also denotes royalty.

  5. Could it be Henry Fitzroy? Right era!

  6. This is Edward VI as a man, as a king, as he wanted to be seen. The boy-King as a man-King, lost in plain sight. Edward has history of wearing red, of black and white patterned collars, and his facial feature proportions match other portraits of an older him.

    The view could well be a not-perfectly-accurate representation of standing at Glastonbury, ruins of the Abbey on the left, the most powerful religious place in England until his father’s reforms/destruction, and the twisting, silky green hillside, cliff-like at points, is the hill running away from Glastonbury Tor. So it is a significant English religious and political landscape that symbolised his mission and self-image.

    This portrait is a glimpse of, an artefact from, evidence of, a world we never had, an alternate history. Edward the Great.

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