On This Day in The Wars of The Roses

Covering the causes, course and consequences of the Wars of the Roses, this book sets the scene for the Tudor Age. It is the first in a series of books using the ‘on this day’ format to investigate the past.

The on this day format allows the story of dynastic and political struggle. But not just that. It enabled me to include things about society at the time: beliefs, trade, international relations, the church, and events such as coronations and royal weddings.

Among the various battles and sieges of the Wars, you can trace the rise of the Tudor family. Edmund’s death, Henry’s birth, the execution of Owen, the decades of military service undertaken by Jasper and the tenacity of Margaret Beaufort all feature. Henry Tudor’s invasion is clearly of importance, from his setting sail for Milford Haven to the victory at Bosworth. His story in the Wars of the Roses does not end there though, his coronation, marriage, defeat of Pretenders and management of government are all explored. 

To understand the Tudor Age and the successes and failures of the period, you need to know what the country was like as they took their places on the throne. Here you find the information that gives you that snapshot of Life c1485. Mysticism and witchcraft in the royal court were evident. Piracy took place. Trade in wool and wine alters.

The book addresses a wide range of topics, including:

  • Revolts, Trials and Executions
  • Richard III’s accession
  • The Princes in the Tower
  • Henry Tudor and the Battle of Bosworth
  • Elizabeth of York, Princess and Queen


Dan Moorhouse

Dan Moorhouse’s early work revolved around teaching, and the history of Medicine. He was published by Hodder Murray, an imprint of Harcourt. His work includes contributions to numerous print and online publications, including the Historical Association, BBC, and a range of national and local museums. Dan’s interest in the Wars of the Roses was sparked at an early age. He grew up close to the seat of the notorious Clifford family and several major battlefields. He has studied the Wars of the Roses to Masters Degree Level and writes regularly about the subject for a general audience via his website and social media channels.

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