Stone Court House

Stone Court House in Maidstone, Kent, U.K. is currently restoring a recently abandoned and derelict Grade II* Listed property, rich in history. The Stone Court House was once used by Crown judges as a residence, was recently the Stone Court Hotel and once the home of the Sackville family. The building dates back to the medieval and Roman periods.

Stone Court House has a Medieval wall (only recently discovered), medieval well and two garderobes-one on the ground floor which is still in situ and another on the first floor, which had been removed many years ago. It has beautiful oak beams, double vaulted ceiling, Tudor oak paneled rooms and two Tudor fireplaces with one recently being discovered behind a wall. The detailing one one of the fireplaces denotes that Stone Court would have been an important property in its day.

The building is located on Stone Street, Central Maidstone in the county of Kent England, with the highest concentration of listed buildings in the United Kingdom. During Roman times the area consisted of at least three “boroughs” or townships – Westree on the west across the river Medway and Wyke on the north east, both Saxon villages with houses built from wood and thatched roofs, and the third being Stone borough, where Stone Court House is centrally located. It was given the name by the Saxons due to stone houses and roads built by the Romans during occupation in around 43AD. Therefore, it is with high probability that Stone Court House would have been the first or one of the first stone houses built in Maidstone, a major landmark on a Roman road leading from the coast near Dover, just across from France to London.

The building is historically important in architecture spanning almost 2,000 years all in one property – Roman Period Pre 410, the owners believe they have discovered a Roman bath in the cellar; Anglo Saxon period 410-1066; Normans 1066 to 1154; Plantagenet Period 1154-1399; Lancastrian Period 1399-1471; House of York 1460 – 1485; Tudor Period 1485-1603 CE; Stuart Period 1603-1714; Georgian Period 1714-1837 CE; Victorian Period 1837 – 1901 CE.

The wonderful owners of this property – Belinda and Saban Demirbasa are hoping to complete a multi-million dollar, two year restoration in August 2021 providing six en-suite bedrooms for guests in the more historic parts of the building and they will reside in the Georgian part of the house.

You can follow the renovation progress on this beautiful building on this dedicated Facebook group. Please take a look. They are creating something amazing. 💯🙌

One thought on “Stone Court House

  1. Belinda and Saban are refurbishing Stone House brilliantly! Their journey bringing the house back to its original style with sympathetic and historical exactness whilst adhering to the various UK agency regulations& constraints! It’s exciting to follow, not knowing what’s around the next corner! xxxx

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