Elizabeth I: The Making of a Queen by Laura Brennan

Elizabeth I is arguably one of the greatest monarchs and women of English history. Against an uncertain political and religious backdrop of post-reformation Europe she ruled at the conception of social modernisation, living in the shadow of the infamy of her parents’ reputations and striving to prove herself an equal to the monarchs who had gone before her. This book seeks to explore some of the key events of her life both before and after she ascended to the English throne in late 1558.

By looking at the history of these selected events, as well as investigating the influence of various people in her life, this book sets out to explain Elizabeth’s decisions, both as a queen and as a woman. Amongst the events examined are the death of her mother, the role and fates of her subsequent step-mothers, the fate of Lady Jane Grey and the subsequent behaviour and reign of her half sister Mary Tudor, along with the death of Amy Dudley, the return of Mary Queen of Scots to Scotland, the Papal Bull and the Spanish Armada.

About the Author

Initially Laura Brennan wanted to be a news Journalist and report on wars and historic world events, however after 2 years at university, she discovered that maybe it was not the right fit and changed to a history course, and the rest is well history! Her grades improved and she spent three very happy years studying the past. 

She currently resides in Berkshire, very close to Windsor Castle however she is in the process of (hopefully) relocating soon with her small white cat- Ophelia-and far too many pairs of shoes. 

Her passion lies with travel (primarily within Europe, particularly France and Italy), Shakespeare, and Renaissance art.  

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ELIZABETH I: The Making of a Queen will be available April 30th. Pre-order here via the publisher for UK or international delivery!

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