What is Tudorcon?

Tudorcon is three days of learning, feasting, music, and food held in Manheim PA from October 18 – 20. It will be held in a newly restored winery next to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, bringing together Tudor history enthusiasts with authors, bloggers, and podcasters.

Tudorcon is the brainchild of Heather Teysko of the Renaissance English History Podcast. She has been podcasting since 2009, making her show among the longest continuously running independent Tudor history podcasts. As she says, one afternoon she thought… I’d really like to go to a Tudorcon. Why doesn’t one exist? After consulting with her audience, she decided to make her dream a reality. The inaugural Tudorcon will be held from 18-20 October 2019.

The mission of Tudorcon is to build friendships with other Tudor friends and those who share a passion for Tudor history. This is the very first year of this event so become a part of it!

Can’t attend? No worries, get a digital ticket.

More info here!





Engage with leading bloggers, podcasters, and authors on Tudor England.

Heather Teysko  

The Renaissance English History Podcast 

Samantha Bullat

Samantha Bullat 

clothing historian, Jamestown & Yorktown Federation

Christine Morgan

Untitled History Project

Janet Wertman

Janet Wertman

Author, Jane the Queen

Cassidy Cash

That Shakespeare Life

Tiffaney J Williams

Tiffaney J Williams

Performance of Power: Art and Music in the Tudor Court

Carol Ann Lloyd 

TheTudors by the Numbers (watch her Ted Talk on Shakespeare as a change maker) 

Brigitte Webster

Brigitte Webster 

Tudor and 17th Century Experience

Tammy Shrovelton

Tammy Shovelton Early Modern Historian The Relationships that Made a Queen

Tara Mulligan queenly verses: the poetry exchanges between Elizabeth Tudor and Mary Queen of Scots

Michael Radi

Micahel Radi With a very special live performance of the songs of his new musical, The King’s Legacy 

Logan Laudenslager

Logan Laudenslager A very special live performance of Libby Larsen’s Try Me Good King

Entertainment from Pastimes  

Enterainment from Greg Ramsey, the Woomaster

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