Solve the puzzle of this 16th century painting for a £5,000 reward!

Melanie V Taylor

Recently I was contacted by Susan Abernathy suggesting I might be able to help the owner of this painting who has owned the panel for the past thirty odd years and is still none the wiser as to who painted it, what it commemorates, who is portrayed and where it has been until it was purchased by the current owner.  With all the knowledge out there on the web it is possible that we can solve this mystery. Thank you Susan for this introducing me to this intriguing puzzle.

There is a £5,000 reward on offer for anyone who can supply the answers to all four following questions: what is the scene? Who are the people? Who painted it and where has it been up to when it was purchased by the collector? The owner’s website also states that there could be lesser sums for convincing evidence solving some of…

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